Moncler Down Jacket

When the temperature drops to 20 degrees and a wool coat will not suffice, there is nothing warmer than a puffy down coat. If you live in New York or anywhere with bitter cold winters, I highly recommend investing in a quality down coat. It will be well worth the investment and you’ll wonder why you suffered through winters without it.

Moncler Jackets & Bomber Jacket

I got this Moncler coat about 6 years ago before all the rappers were wearing Moncler! After suffering through two New York winters, I was tired of weathering the cold with a wool coat but didn’t want to wear a down coat that looked like a sleeping bag either. So I looked for a coat that was warm and functional but also had feminine details like the fur hood and the super cinched waist. The best thing about this coat is that I don’t have to wear multiple layers or add any extra bulk to stay warm.

Moncler Long Down Jackets

I paired my puffy coat with these leather wedge sneakers that I love! I bought these last spring after falling in love with the Isabel Marant sneakers. They are super comfy and give me a little extra height even when I am running around the city so what’s not to love! What is your comfy, weekend wear?